Alms--your offerings to the artists at Paper Moon.

In return for your treasures you will be showered with creative works of art that aid in recycling, bring greater awareness to our environment and save our Mother Earth.

The following items are always welcome. Your trash is our treasure! When in doubt....donate it to Paper Moon!

Jewelry-broken is ok too, newspaper, egg cartons, milk jugs, paper bags, plastic bags, all things from your junk drawers and Aunt Dotties basement, mesh produce bags from lemons etc.., anything in lots of 10 or more, old tile, junk from your garage, wood scraps, saw dust, tin foil, crayon stubs, broken dishes, material and felt scraps, yarn, shower curtains, shower curtain rings, broken umbrellas, bike tires, lamp shades, broken electronics, frames, game parts and pieces, berry basket, magazines, photographs, coffee cans, baby food jars, window screens, paper towel and toilet paper tubes, clothes pins, buttons, wire, spools, corks, lids, all the odds and ends from your workbench, dowel rods, styrophoam and packing materials, small boxes and tins.

I feel like I may be forgetting a necessary thing or two in that list but I think you get the idea! There isn't much we will turn down unless there is a lack of storage space.

Thank you , Thank you Thank you!!!!!

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